National Association for Gun Rights

National Association for Gun Rights

With over 1.5 million members, this one has a lot of eye balls on it.

This is a site re-build. I did not design this site but rather re-built it from another platform using WordPress and the Divi theme. I actually re-built 7 of their state association sites, too. There are some sections that required a bit of work in order to adhere to the strict layout requirements. Some of the layouts did not lend themselves to a standard Divi install. Meaning, I used a few Divi tricks I have up my sleeve and still kept things easy for the client to continue updating moving forward.

For example, look at the red buttons at the bottom of the page. There are 8 buttons that needed to have this specific layout. I did not want to use images because the client will most likely be changing these from time to time and I want them to be able to simply update the text and save. I’m using this technique to add a layout within a layout to accomplish this. And, of course it’s mobile friendly where it stacks.

desktop version

National Association for Gun Rights Desktop Version

tablet version

National Association for Gun Rights Tablet Version

mobile version

National Association for Gun Rights Mobile Version

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